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This project is an interdisciplinary art exhibition & conference devoted to the problem of Bubbles and the illusory yet tangible phenomena of self-identity. We intend to merge the borders between philosophy, social psychology, neuroscience, and aesthetics, converging on multiple art disciplines. The project Bubbles explores the building up of the social and personal identity, as a constitutive process in living beings, as a process of demarcation and delimitation across groups, as a blurred and flittering complex phenomenon. Identities and the self, yet historically, culturally and socially determined, can be conceived as unstable, emerging and constantly changing, as physically instantiated processes. In virtual space, we blend the features of our identity into an ostensible coherent matter. But what is coherence?

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Borders relates to the edges, delimitations, and demarcations. The borders establish the limits of what is inside (of a subject or society) and outside (of a subject or society). The constitutive process of identity is basically the distinction between the self and the other. Borders are permeable surfaces that bind the inside with the outside, and the self with other selves; they build up separations that lead to connection and isolation.


Multiplicity implies the manifold dimensions and perspectives intertwined within a given Bubble. Identities built up as combinations of biological materials and of historical,
societal, and cultural (and technologic


Extension refers to modern technological developments allowing the outsourcing of mental functions. Social networks offer the possibility to be (to exhibit our self and be seen by others) and interact with others in new ways, enabling the extension (and existence) of our self into the virtual world. How well does the virtual extension of the self correspond to our non-virtual self? How virtual is our non-virtual self?


June 19, 2018, 18:00


Galerie Nord | Kunstverein Tiergarten
Turmstraße 75, 10551 Berlin
Tel 030-90 18 33 453
Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturdday 1pm – 7pm
Admission free
U9 Turmstraße, Bus TXL, M27, 101, 245

The gallery is a cooperative directing model between the Faculty of Art and Culture Berlin-Mitte and the Kunstverein Tiergarten e. V.

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This project was realised thanks to the kind support of :


In cooperation with Berlin District Office of Mitte, Department of Arts and Culture. Kindly supported by exhibition funds of the Senate Administration for Culture and Europe.