Magali Desbazeille


Title DATA+online / 2011
Details Netart
Website n/a

DATA + online is a participative web site that posts the searches launched by Internet users on search engines in 2011.

Without knowing it, Internet users feed the site when they use search engines; intentionally, Internet users who visit DATA + online, use the words, capture them and buy them, and receive a certificate for the purchase of a word. How much? What did they look for on opening day of the Olympics? Who looks for “pond frog” or “what is the average penis size at the age of fifteen?”

What will we look for in the future? Bid and Buy keywords !

Conception: Siegfried Canto & Magali Desbazeille
Managing production: Made In Productions
Production: Musée d’art moderne de Lille Métropole

Programming: Sébastien Courvoisier
Translation: Maura Pollin
Graphic model: Julie Edler
Web development: La forme interactive
Voice over: ZC-MD Emir Azaiez, Paul Barrier, Victor Reitlinger—Desbazeille, Marie-Thérèse Desbazeille, Laurent Colomb, Julie Thuillier, Manuela Valmdiri, Gonzalo Cruz, Ca¬pucine Deslorieux, Caterine Krouglik, Cédric Boyer, Alexandre Guilbaud, David Weill, Constance Sillet, Caroline Franc, Pierre Polin, Herath Diyoma, Sothea Ly, Yusuk Orzun, Patrick Mouketon, Nzebi Romaine, Souhila Namoud, Madjiguène Gueye, Bich Nêm Hoang, Fatoumata Cissoko, Manuella N’Negue

Thanks to: Marc Duforeau and Ecole Supérieure des Techniques de Management, Groupe BERCY, Géraldine Bonnel.