Google in View

Andrés Galeano


Title Google in View
Details Video, Four Photographs, One Book

Google in View is a reflection about the device of Google itself. It’s a (post-) photographic project that from Google Street View looks up and down, revealing its axis, its cameras, tripods, and photographers, its perspective, its vanishing points, its blindnesses or its out-of-bounds, its magical phantasmagorias, and ultimately, its expressive “errors.” It gives away its virtuality when it comes to represent to us the world three-dimensionally.

Google works on becoming omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient god (Godgle). One of its manifestations of omnipresence is reflected through its Google Street View, that is to say, of 360º panoramic photos that capture places and permit us to travel them virtually, creating an image of the most diverse sites of the world.

Using this technology, the artist wanders through the world map in search of curiosities within this system of representation. He directs the cursor to preferably remote regions in which some particular collaborator of Google – and not Google’s car equipped with its infallible nine cameras – took a panorama, one that reveals a certain defect. Andrés documents these imperfections using screenshots. Later on, he uses processes of collecting and classifying, basically dealing with three main categories: black geometries in the sky/earth, photographed photographers, and suns.