Infographic Weave

Muriel Gallardo


Title Infographic Weave
Details Textile sculpture / 2 x 2 x 1,30 m / 2018

This project builds a social interweave (network); a net of various “materialities”, cultural, historical and social, which embody the shape of a basket or nest. From the concept of ‘cosmopolitanism’, the artist proposes a global vision of the city of Berlin, making an infographic analysis of its inhabitants by ethnicity or culture, to represent it from their costumes, taking original fabrics as material. In this way she is proposing a metaphor of society, of how the body in space generates a spiral that represents both the routes that demarcate the city and the interrelationships that constitute and build it.

Muriel takes the fabric as material, as a metaphor of the skin, as the limit between cultures. For the work she had collected different fabrics in Berlin, in relation of the cultures of their inhabitants for weave a graphic of the population of Berlin inhabitants, taking the source from the sadistic department of Berlin. The reference of the basket is related with something that is growing. Taking as inspiration the concept of autopoiesis, which refers to the self-reproduction of living systems in direct relationship with their environment. In this way, the construction of this object internalizes the temporal rhythm of its creation, in which it has been gradually realized through the intertwining of fabrics that have changed their structural properties to be transformed in this new form. In this rhythm and the temporality of doing, the basket builds it self, the artwork enacts an unfinished spiral, representing how society continues to knit and self-producing them self.