I’m mine not yours

Valentina Berthelon


Title I'm mine not yours
Details Installation / Video Loop

This work takes inspiration from an Argentinean feminist movement (#Not One Less) that started in 2015 which has spread across several Latin American countries. This movement campaigns against femicide and gender-based violence. The call was born of a group of journalists, activists, artists, but it grew when society took it over and turned it into a collective campaign that was overwhelmingly effective. This collective scream became internationally recognized with the use of the hashtag #NotOneLess on social media, title under which massive demonstrations were held in many countries like Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, and Spain. The main objective was to establish a social conscience regarding violence against women in all its aspects and also making visible the responsibilities of the state on the matter.

#Not One Less shows how women empowered themselves through the collective work and the use of social media networks. Different bubbles or layers of society that usually don’t relate to each other merged into a bigger and more powerful group, united by the intention to transform the patriarchal social order. During the complex process of becoming a massive and transversal entity, many individuals and small groups had to continuously extend their borders in order to deliver a strong message that could impact society.

Performance: Barbara Macias
Camera: Ing Agop and Valentina Berthelon