Thorsten Goldberg


Title Screenshots  / 2010-11
Details Giclée Prints mounted on aludibond

For years Thorsten Goldberg has been collecting “screenshots” of personal computer desktops.

The desktop serves as the graphical user interface and is a conceptual metaphor of a writing desk, upon which objects, such as documents and folders or the trash bin and others can be placed.

By analogy, in an attempt to customize their environment or in order to avoid empty spaces, people usually display personal pictures on their desktop. They are pictures that evoke memories of holidays and special events. They often contain childhood memories or show places that are associated with personal desires and yearnings. In his research Thorsten Goldberg devises categories in which he puts the pictures he has collected. In this way he creates an archive of personal desires, which also reconstructs a collective consciousness, thus examining the interaction between humans and machines. He also gains access to what the users like and how they organize their desktops.