The confined fire is something to burn hardest

Tomoyuki Ueno


Title The confined fire is something to burn hardest  / 2015
Details Installation

“The confined fire is something to burn hardest”

In each country, one can find many different kinds of borders and often they are symbolized by fences – whether in front of houses, gardens, windows or even in public spaces. Interestingly, these fences, although they were built for the purpose of division between the people on both sides, often are beautifully ornamented and therefore attract the attention of the person passing by.

I also find this to be a very interesting phenomenon, not only because of its beauty, but also its presence. The ornaments are like drawings in the air and you can see the other side through them, while their weight and strength increase their presence simultaneously. Such metal fences could be a piece of an art piece between a drawing and a sculpture, which expresses a border.

This installation is constructed from seven different metal fences and can be looked at from many directions; it has neither a front side, nor a back side. The fences are painted black but each of them keeps an original part. The two fences in the middle of the installations were actually made for an oven, which is why I chose given title “The confined fire is something to burn hardest” for my installation, an alleged quote from William Shakespeare.