I’m mine not yours

This work takes inspiration from an Argentinean feminist movement (#Not One Less) that started in 2015 which has spread across several Latin American countries. This...
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Google in View

Google in View is a reflection about the device of Google itself. It’s a (post-) photographic project that from Google Street View looks up and down,...
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Infographic Weave

This project builds a social interweave (network); a net of various “materialities”, cultural, historical and social, which embody the shape of a basket or nest....
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Class Geometry

“Class Geometry” belongs to a line of visual investigation that PSJM calls ‘social geometry’. It creates arrangements with an emphatic formal reduction based on statistical...
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Rewoven #04

The textile objects and installations by Aiko Tezuka deal with the history of textiles and contemporary discussions. Thus Aiko buys old fabrics, often in flea...
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