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Sex Industry Dictionary – Acronyms, Glossary, Language, Rules, Words

Sex Industry Dictionary – Acronyms, Glossary, Language, Rules, Words

Largely a phenomenon experienced by the Western guys whenever relationship American female

AAMP Apartment Asian Massage therapy Parlor, a domestic apartment unlike a commercial store usually where sex acts is available AAMP or Amp Asian-Western Therapeutic massage Parlor (significantly more politically best acronym) ABC American produced Chinese ABJ Western born Japanese AFF Adult Pal Finder (a famous United states dating website) AFF Far eastern Pal Finder (a famous Far eastern dating site) Agencies a business/company you to definitely covers bookings, adverts, examination, and you can calls having escorts Aircon BBBJ + Hacks (a nice perfect) Example: If masseuse asks, “wanted aircon?” in this case, she places one to ‘hacks sweet’ on their unique lips and start offering a hit occupations Auction web sites A masculine feminine, significant and you can strong Amp Western Massage Parlor Analingus licking arse, anal rimming (Oral arousal off arse) Anal Rimming Oral arousal of asshole AR Anal Rimming (Oral arousal from anus) In the world Analingus and Fellatio Western Cowgirl Girl on top, squats AR Ass Rim, Anal Rimming ASP Adult Provider ATF In history Favourite Atm Butt So you’re able to Throat Sis Flo Periods AVN Adult Videos News/Honors, a porno globe summit and you can and you may honours reveal

Babyback Tiny, young, attractive Asian Backpage An online database in which escorts article their advertising, generally separated from the region, and members is “shop” to possess an escort, normally smaller services, straight down costs, and some of the prostitutes is actually trafficked and you may/otherwise managed from the pimps Crappy Boy Report A web site where organization can be report a tear-regarding visitors, harmful buyer, a stalker, an such like. Bait and you may Option Individual that shows up are a differnt one than stated Baja Sur Genitals On the language “the low southern area” Balloons Breast implants Bareback Sex instead of condom Barracuda A specialist prostitute having just goal would be to independent you from your money as rapidly as you are able to, ideally without providing you with one thing in return BBBJ Exposed Right back Strike Jobs (oral sex in place of condom) BBBJTC Uncovered Right back Strike Work so you can Achievement (oral sex so you can orgasm) BBBJNQNS Bare Back Strike Jobs No End No Saliva BBBJTCWS Exposed Right back Blow Work so you can Completion having Ingesting BBBJWF Bare Back Blow Occupations Having Facial BBFS Uncovered Straight back Full Services (sex in place of condom) BBS Barber Shop BBW Big Gorgeous Lady BCD Nowadays Bdsm Thraldom, Punishment, Sado-Masochism. Beret A great condom. Beso Negro Anal Rimming BF Boy Friend BFA Large Pounds Ass BFE Boy Friend Feel BGR Boy-Girl-Dating BGB Boy-girl-boy, as well as a threesome that have a couple of dudes and another girl Blowjob Strike Job (oral sex with the men) BL Looks Eat Blackhole Anus BLS Basketball Slurping and you can Drawing Bluish Pill Viagra Blue Material Viagra Boutique Company A company one to normally doesn’t have fun with fake photographs, upsell, otherwise tear men out of, far more focused to recite customers Brothel A business business where men is also remain in and you may buy an effective sexual solution Brothel Girl prostitute who ends up off a great brothel Brownish Shower Defecation for the him or her BS Body slide Services where woman get slide their unique human body to the your having fun with oils, otherwise Nuru BS Looks Scrub BSD Big Moving Dick BSW Black colored Street walker BTW By the way Butterface Everything looks good, but their particular face

CIM Spunk within the Throat City Spirits An on-line databases where escorts shell out to publish their advertisements, essentially split up by the region, and you may customers is also “shop” to have a keen escort Civilian A lady who produces by herself readily available for sexual experiences not for financial gain

Roman numerals sometimes utilized for fees. (Roman Numeral converter) CC Credit card CC Driver Complete carrier charging $200 or quicker CCL Attention Camp Research Video game Mix-dresser: transvestite, a guy, and especially a masculine whom gets into clothes and sometimes the brand new behavior regular of reverse sex specifically for purposes of psychological or sexual satisfaction Dvds Covered Dog Style CFF Chinese Friend Finder (a well-known dating site) CFM Become Screw Me personally, constantly consider the appearance of a guy CFS Safeguarded Full Service (sex which have condom) CG Call Girls, prostitute exactly who works for a call agency CG Gambling establishment Girls, prostitute who hangs out during the pub regarding the casino soliciting CG Pub Girls, prostitute whom looks like regarding a remove club CH Crazy Horse, SF Remove Club, LV remove pub Chump A man just who offers his currency and you will/or his attention to feminine without having to be people snatch inturn. Don’t let yourself be an excellent chump! A specialist masseuse COB Spunk toward Nipple COF Jizz on the Deal with Collar and you may Cuffs suits Pubic tresses fits absolute hair-colour (redheads, blondes) Completion Orgasm age.grams. She offered a good bareback cock sucking to help you end Completo Spanish to have “complete”, usually definition that have otherwise also anal sex Courtesan Prostitute whom engages inside the offered schedules, comes with members out, overnights, and you may exactly who provides their desires by way of hopes and dreams Coverage Condom Protected Some methods, for instance the accessibility condoms otherwise dental care dams, are delivered to end disease (just like the Supports) sent from the sexual get in touch with. (elizabeth.grams. Secure Blow Employment function a condom was utilized) CHHFS Secured Half hour Full Provider CG Cowgirl girl at the top against your Craigslist A famous categorized advertisement web site in which escorts features been known to market and you will or even provide their accessibility Offense world step Sexual activity during the their unique period Driving Selecting prostitutes whenever you are operating Glasses of Java How often a production or orgasm occurred