Invited philosophers and scientists will perform interactive workshops about contemporary topics related to the philosophy (the paradox of self and others in the bubble, phenomenology of the bubbles), psychology (social identity, intimacy in contemporary life) and neuroscience of the bubbles (neuroscience of social biases and the bubbles).

Day 1
03 Jun 2018

Experimenting the Self. What Neuroscience, Psychology, and Philosophy Can Teach Us.

Workshop In this lecture/workshop we will discuss several paradigms in current research regarding the constitution and boundaries of our self. The focus will be on research from neuroscience, but we...
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Joerg Fingerhut

Intimacy in contemporary life

Workshop What is the feeling of intimacy? How do we know we are being intimate, feeling close, being in love? Given that digital technological tools are an integral part of...
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Marjan Sharifi
Day 2
09 Jun 2018

Bubbles in our brain and how to pop them

Ever wondered about the biases that your brain is subject to and bubbles that thereby arise in society? In this interactive talk we want to explore the metaphor of the...
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Laura Kaltwasser

Emotional bubbles, from self to social interactions in real and virtual worlds

In this workshop, we will discuss how emotions are constitutive aspects of the self (emotional self “bubble”), and from this point, how emotions are constitutive aspects of self to self social-interactions...
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Simon Guendelman
Day 3
16 Jun 2018

Machine-to-be-another (MTBA)

Talk and discussion evening with the virtual reality device for literally “putting oneself in the other’s shoes.” There will be the opportunity of first-hand experience with the Machine to be...
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