May 10 - June 23, 2018


The interdisciplinary art exhibition and conference Watch Your Bubble! engages the bubble as a metaphor to knowledge formation, individual and social identity. Across the disciplinary boundaries of philosophy, social psychology, neuroscience, and aesthetics, the project considers the complex origins of social and personal identities as constitutive processes of demarcation and delimitation. Within the framework of an exhibition, conference, and related events, the project explores the interface between these various studies and promotes the productive exchange between the arts and sciences.

Inspired by contemporary social phenomena that reciprocally shape and arise from digitization, migration, globalization, transculturalism, and other dynamics of hypermodern societies, Watch Your Bubble! conceives identities as biologically, historically, culturally, and socially determined, and as a constantly changing process.

The project includes recent discussions about social bubbles – that is, the isolation and separation of groups according to their preferences, but also across languages, habits, styles, and personalities, among others. The bubble metaphor applies to the ever-growing atomization of our societies, where individuals relate less and less with others through enacted ‘real’ interpersonal relations, relying more and more on mediated forms of digital interaction (e.g. social networks).
Watch Your Bubble! offers an interdisciplinary and discursive platform for the open-minded reflection and discussion of individual and social phenomena on the basis of partly interactive installations, objects, paintings, videos, performances, lectures, and discussions with artists, curators, and scientists.



7 color diet

Caption Marisa Benjamin

AI Senses

Caption Kim Albrecht

Class Geometry

Caption PSJM


Caption Magali Desbazeille

Google in View

Caption Andrés Galeano

I’m mine not yours

Caption Valentina Berthelon

Infographic Weave

Caption Muriel Gallardo

Rewoven #04



Caption Thorsten Goldberg

Semi Precious / Informed

Caption Rachel Bernstein

Today’s Ideology

Caption Casey Reas

Trump Connections

Caption Kim Albrecht

Vater und Tochter 

Caption Julia Krahn


Caption Marta Dell’ Angelo