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The Watch Your Bubble! conference was a success!

The Watch Your Bubble! was held at the Galerie Nord | Kunstverein Tiergarten in Berlin from 17 till 19 May 2018.

On 17th May we enjoyed the re-opening of the exhibition. The organizers of the conference Laura Kaltwasser and Simón Guendelman started with brief introductory speeches which were followed by a performance by Marisa Bejamim

The next day began with the key-note “Homo duplex revisited. Embodied simulation and the parallel worlds” in which Vittorio Gallese walked us through his novel ideas of haptic vision and embodied simulation, as a new model of perception and cognition and digitally-mediated reality. It was followed by Andreas Roepstorff’s talk “Interacting the world – From individual patterns to society”, highlighting the role of the interacting bodies, language uncertainty and the bringing forth of cultural rituals in the society. This day finished with the talk “Aesthetic identity” by Joerg Fingerhut & Jesse Prinz who deepened into the topics of the aesthetic self, developing the question what makes the self, in terms of political or aesthetic choices, to be what it is?

May 19th started with the presentation “The economics of identity” by Dorothea Kübler. She explained how our identity in terms of different choices, shape a simple decision that can later influence economics. Then, Vincent Hendricks‘ sparkling speech “Attention economics and bubbles” waked us up to the different types of Bubbles, and how social networks and technology can threaten democracy through the market of social (mis-) information. Later in the afternoon, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev delighted us with her lecture “The ‘elsewhere’ generation”, in which she showed through different examples of contemporary artists, how “the Bubble vision”, the circular and globalized vision about the human and the world already is an implicit element and metaphor of our current culture. We closed this day and the conference with Pietro Montani‘s key-note “Techno-aesthetics and the externalization of personal identity” who offered a magnific interdisciplinary talk exposing how the Homo sapiens entails since its origin a tendency to externalize, to technicalize its self, in this same way it does it with the sensitivity and “audiovisual” identity.

We are very grateful to each of the speakers and all the participants that joined our conference.

Stay tuned, there are more satellites bubbles events to come! 
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Your Bubble Team.